Vitamin B12, and its importance in human life

Vitamin B12

Oh yeah! This is why I suffered anemia.

It was 12 in the midnight, a girl I know has completely lost her senses and was repeatedly doing the same thing until morning the next day.
When she was examined, the reports said that she lost her senses due to the lack of Vitamin B12.

B12 is a vitamin that helps us with good health.
When this vitamin is low, it will lead to body complications.

Importance of B12

It helps to maintain the Red blood corpuscles(RBC)

The count of RBC must be 4.2-5.4 mcL If the body lacks in RBC count, then it will lead to b12 deficiency which will indeed lead to anemia.
Fatigue and weakness are the symptoms of anemia.

Vitamin b12 deficiency leads to pregnancy problems
When Women have vitamin b12 deficiency, it will lead to miscarriage or premature birth. The baby will have birth defects.
Dear Pregnant Woman, make sure to take proper nourishment for your child to be healthy.

Serotonin – A chemical that generates in your body to improve your mood.
When you have b12 deficiency, your body will not form serotonin.
Serotonin is a chemical that helps to keep your mood normal. When it doesn’t generate in your body, you might suffer depression.

Lack of Healthy hair, nails and skin
Typical white patches on the skin, discoloration of the skin, white and grey hair, Weak nails, inflamed and flaky mouth corners are inflicted when you have low b12.

The bottom line is, that vitamin b12 is one of the most significant water-soluble element which must be taken proportionally in your diet. Otherwise, it will lead to major complications as mentioned above.

So, pals, I hope that you’ve known the side effects of not having vitamin b12 in your body.
You might have a constant question of whether or not vitamin b12 can be improved?
Of course, it can be improved. Stay tuned for my next post to read about the nutritional supplements that can be taken to boost b12.

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