Top 5 Foods That Are Rich In Vitamin B12

Vitamin b12 is one of the important water-soluble vitamins.
In my previous post, I have mentioned the importance of vitamin b12.
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Today, let us discuss the top five foods that are in vitamin b12.

Vitamin b12 is found in animal products. Dairy and meat are huge sources of b12.
You don’t have to worry if you’re a vegan. The fortified foods as in cereals that are specifically made for vegans are the sources of vitamin b12.

Top 5:
Meat is a huge source of vitamin b12. Lamb’s liver, shellfish and beef’s kidney are incredible sources of b12. They are rich in iron and serving one ounce will give 300% of vitamin b12 to your body.

Top 4
Dairy products
Buffalo milk is a huge source of b12. One cup of milk will give 18% of b12. Not just milk, dairy products like cheese and yogurt will also help to improve the levels of b12.

Top 3
Nondairy products
Soy milk, Almond milk, Coconut milk, and rice milk are the sources of b12. Some people are lactose intolerants which means that the milk that comes from animals will have bacteria named lactose. This lactose will usually cause acne and other issues to their bodies.
So, people who are lactose intolerants can substitute ordinary milk with the other milk that is mentioned above.
One cup of milk can give up to 45% of b12.

Top 2
Fortified foods
Cereals like muesli, oats, cornflakes are huge sources of b12. This high fiber food is less in calories and digests very easily.
Vegans usually don’t prefer animal processed foods. Cereals can be the right choice for vegans if they are reckoning to boost b12 in their body
One bowl of cereal will give 140% of vitamin b12
So, my dear vegans, Fortified foods are totally for you.

Top 1
Believe it or not, beer is a terrific source of vitamin b12 only if consumption is in limitation. Not just beer, excess consumption of any food will be poisonous to the body. One ounce of beer helps to improve the level of b12 and also helps to prevent cancers & anemia, also, slows down the aging.

My beloved vegans, vegetarians, and nonvegetarians, you have many healthy options today. Make sure to choose the right ones and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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